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February 10, 2014 by 5ez2013

Hello World,

Thank you for visiting our class blog.

Getting feedback is important to our writers and we could love for you to comment on our posts and pages.

Here are some tips to follow for a quality comment;

#1 Compliment the writer in a specific way

#2 Add information and or a new interesting fact

#3 Make a connection

#4 Ask a question

#5 Proofread your comment

Thanks again for visiting.


  1. NK says:

    Hi,my name is NK.I want to share my learning goal with you all. Mine is to learn more about compare and contrast when reading texts.
    I will practice more and use more venn diagrams
    I will improve in naplan and won’t need help in the future.

    I want to hear your learning goals too.
    By NK

  2. kevin mcrae says:

    Hi all this is just to say how much the students here enjoyed our Skype chat the other day. I will be sending to Mrs Zervos some photos from our Independence Day celebrations last year. Independence Day is very significant here as it commemorates when PNG gained its independence from Australia and became a new and separate country. We all hope that we can Skype again sometime.

    Kevin McRae

  3. 5ez2013 says:

    Dear Mr McRae,

    We also enjoyed the Skype experience and hope that we can continue this in the future. We looking forward to receiving the pictures so we can share the experience on the blog with 5EZ and other blog users around the school and community.

    We hope you are all having a fantastic break after term 1.


    Mrs Zervos and 5EZ


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