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5EZ Class Communication


Dear 5EZ,

Here is a page for you to write comments and communicate with each other over the year.

Remember the Chinese gates which words must pass before they are spoken (or written).

  1. Is it true?
  2. Is it kind?
  3. Is it necessary?

Happy chatting!

Mrs. Z


  1. TK says:

    Dear 5EZ,
    How are your holidays? Done much? I haven’t been doing much lately. Hope you have a fun and safe holiday with your family.
    Happy Easter!
    See you in 2 weeks!

    • 5ez2013 says:

      Dear TK,

      Well done on your blogging efforts these school holidays. My holidays are going great. We are still moving into our new house but that is all very exciting. I am sure I will tell you all about it next term.

      Happy holidays!

      Mrs Z.

      • TK says:

        Dear Mrs.Z,
        Have you moved into your new house yet? I only just logged onto the blog because I was quite busy. How is O.Z? I bet it would be extra exiting for him!
        I hope you enjoy living in your wonderful new home!

  2. TK says:

    Hello girls in 5EZ!
    I would love to catch up with you during these holidays! I hope we can all make it to TD’s wonderful party. It would be super cool if we could have a ‘Girls Night Out’ during the holidays with Mrs.Z !
    Love to communicate this holidays.

    • N.D says:

      That would be awesome TK!!!!!
      We should go to Chadstone or something for the girls night out!!! We should also have a girls day out!!!
      Have fun holidays!!!!

    • TD says:

      Dear TK,
      I’d love it if all the girls could come to my party. It will be so fun. There will be only 2 party activities but the activities will be awesome. Why don’t we organise a girls night out next term after NAPLAN.

  3. TK says:

    Dear 5EZ,
    This term I really enjoyed working with all sorts of different people. The topics for the term were pretty fun and Mrs.Z is the best at making learning activities fun! I really enjoyed being ICT tech because I love computers and I got to share my knowledge about computers. I really enjoy being in 5EZ because we always stay as a team and we will always work together during the year.
    I am also relieved because I get a while of from the crazy boy behavior…not for long!

  4. Friendly Classmate says:


  5. Happy Holidays -TK says:

    Dear 5EZ,
    This term was such an amazing term. I really enjoyed working together and enjoying school. Mrs.Z you are one of the best teachers I have ever had and my classmates this year are probably the best I have ever had! I am so relieved because I get 2 weeks of from the crazy boy behavior… not for long! I will be counting the moments till school starts.
    Have a fun and safe holiday.
    Happy Easter!

    • 5ez2013 says:

      Hi TK,

      You are very kind. I too am enjoying this year very much. All the students, boys and girls in 5EZ are great.

      Take this time to relax and be fresh and ready for term 2.

      Mrs Z.

      • TK says:

        Me too, Mrs.Z! It is a little funny that the girls are the only one’s going on to the blog and that no boys have posted a comment yet. It would be pretty cool if we bumped into any anyone during the holidays. I already have ! I was at the cinema and I saw JD and LR ,they were actually watching the same movie as me! What a coincidence!
        See you soon!

  6. TK says:

    How are you all feeling? First day of our holidays, I am looking forward for the rest. I woke up early and finished my homework and now I am just relaxing.
    I will be counting the minutes till school starts!

  7. N.D says:

    Hi everyone!

    Have you been having a good holiday?! I know I have!!!!

  8. N.D says:

    Guess what!!!!!!!!???
    I got an ear infection!!!!!!!!

    • 5ez2013 says:

      Sorry to hear you are unwell ND. Fingers crossed it is all sorted out soon. How is Squiggles?

      Also when blogging you don’t need to use more than ? or !.

      Happy holidays!

      Mrs. Z

      • N.D says:

        I don’t have an ear infection any more!
        By the way, squiggles DOES NOT drink from her bottle any more! My dad gave her a bowl with water in it and she drank it all in one minute! So we keep doing that.

        • 5ez2013 says:

          Ok, thanks for letting me know. We will do that too when she comes back from her super exciting adventure with your family.

          • TK says:

            Yah ND,
            Who came up with the idea again? It is better for Squiggles too. How is she feeling? How has your holidays been?
            Mine been great!
            Please write back, I love to keep in touch…KK!

          • KL says:

            How is everyone’s weekend and who’s KK? I can’t see squiggles bottle anymore do you guys know where it has gone? Just stop by to say hi…so…HI!
            See you on Monday.
            P.S can’t wait to listen to everyone’s Science Talent Search
            From KL

    • TD says:

      Dear ND,
      Hope you are feeling well for my birthday party. Are you in bed or just chilling on the couch?
      How did you get it?
      From TD

      • TK says:

        TD your party was awesome! It would have been a bummer if ND couldn’t make it! By the way I realized that the invitation and the cake had a similar pattern! Right?

  9. N.D says:


  10. TK says:

    Dear world,
    School has just started!
    On the holidays it felt more like 3 weeks than 2! I think I over did it with fun! I watched 3 movies in the cinema, Captain America, Spiderman and the Lego Movie.

    I also caught up with friends. I went to T.D’s party, my friend A.S came over for a whole day, I went out with J.T and I saw L.R and J.D at the cinema.

    My birthday fell on Easter Sunday so it was pretty hard to get a cake because most stores were closed! Luckily the Cheesecake shop was open! My cake was a part chocolate mousse and part chocolate mud spongecake! My grandparents also came from Sydney to celebrate my birthday.

    I attended so many dinners and parties I could not keep count! I had dinner with my friend S.E for her brothers 1st birthday . I also had dinner with my brothers friend N.S’s house for dinner.

    This was the best holidays ever!

  11. N.D says:

    Easter Holidays- Recount

    On the Easter holidays I had Squiggles the class pet Guinea Pig!
    We had a lot of fun by teaching her lots of tricks!
    I have noticed that Squiggles has gained weight since the last time I took her home which was the start of the year. I also found out that she squeaks when she knows she’s getting food! It’s really cute!
    On the Sunday of the first week of the holidays I went to TD’s party. I couldn’t find her house because she wrote the wrong house number! Instead of writing house number 107, she wrote house number 10! My mum was driving around Melbourne for two hours trying to find her house! My mum gave up and called KL’s mum who just dropped her off, and asked what address her house was at. We finally found it and enjoyed the rest of the party.
    On Easter night my brother and I were excited because the Easter Bunny was going to come and bring chocolate and leave behind big white messy footprints! On Easter day we woke to find Chocolate Humpty Dumtys on the end of our bed from the Easter Bunny! We madly rushed to mummy’s bed and screamed at the sight of fresh chocolate eggs! We rushed outside and had an Easter egg hunt! I won! I had fun catching up with my family for Easter lunch! Everyone loved Squiggles! We went to my dad’s house and had dinner with my family. My Nonna cooked a buffet of pasta, meats and salads. It was yummy! I played with my cousins all night and had lots of fun!

  12. C.P. and S.W. says:

    I also really enjoyed my holidays too I hope you guys really enjoyed your holidays and I hope that you post your reflection.
    From C.P. and S.W.

  13. N.K. says:

    Hello Bloggers,

    My Holiday reflection

    On the holiday I went to see The Lego Movie with my brother and dad. I thought it was funny in some parts and it was a good movie even my dad like it. I have the videogame and there were some copies from the movie in the videogame so I had an idea of what it’s about.

    After the movie I downloaded the song everything is Awesome I really should of thought more it was really stupid that it is stuck in my head. I remembered what happen in the movie so I beat the videogame and unlocked all 105 characters.

    Thanks for reading,

  14. M.K says:

    My hoildays were the best ever!

  15. S.W says:

    Hey bloggers,
    How was your day? I had fun at footy training and then I had P.E.

  16. KL says:

    Hope M.Z comes back tomorrow so we can listen to the science talent search. Can’t wait till Naplan is over then I won’t be stressed out. Hope you all ready to start.

  17. TK says:

    Hi Mrs.Z
    How are you feeling? Has the baby kicked any more?! I just wanted to say that on the behave of 5EZ that we think you were a great teacher and we wish you could stay for more. We all miss you very very much even the boys. I am sure your new baby will be as sweet as you were. Please come visit ASAP!
    Love from TK
    P.S 5EZ will be counting the momments till you visit!!!

  18. N.D says:

    Hi everybody,
    How are your holidays? I just arrived home from my three nights in the city! It was soooo much fun! There was an indoor pool with a gym and spa! I had a go at the treadmill and ran 1 kilometre, ( which wasn’t that much) and wanted to go in the pool. My brother had made friends with a girl named Charlotte in 10 minutes. It surprising that he made friends that fast! We went out for dinner on the second night and saw the crown flames at 7:00pm. We watched The Muppets most wanted, Divergent, How to train your dragon 2 ( at the crown cinemas) and Captain America the winter solider. We stayed at Novotel a lovely hotel with a breakfast buffet each morning where kids eat free. (my dad had to pay though)

    I hope Mrs Z comes to see us soon! WE MISS YOU MRS Z!!!!!! All the best for you and your future baby!!!! (:

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