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Numeracy Online Activities


Dear 5EZ students,

Week 2, Term 2 first online activity is…

You need to play in groups of four on one laptop, groups of 2 or 3 are only permitted if the groups does not divide equally into 4.

Week 9, Term 1

During week 9 you will have the opportunity to explore this fun and quirky online data task. You will need headphones for the activity.

You will need to work independently and then please write a review about the website. Last but not least please include what you have learnt today in your comment.




  1. CQ and MK says:

    The Legend Of Dick And Dom Was Hilariously Funny!:) :0 LoL

  2. IW says:

    Dear world,
    ‘The Legend of Dick and Don’ was very amusing because the people‘s face were much too big for their body! It was clever to include a variety of graphs to display the information. Thank you for reading my brief post and see ya!

  3. T.K says:

    Dear world,
    Today I went on the website ‘The Legend Of Dick and Dom’ for maths. It was hilairious.The problems were not very challenging but I did learn that maths can be fun and challenging at the same time.
    Catch you later,

  4. JT says:

    Dear People,
    Hi! I went on the website, The Legend of Dick and Dom maths game. I found it not that hard, but I learned different types of graphs. I laughed in the middle of solving the problems, because Dick and Dom had funny faces. I did find it challenging too! Write back!
    JT 

    • TK says:

      Dear JT,
      Their faces made me jump! Yes, I agree with you about the problems and how we learnt about different graphs.

  5. NK says:

    Dear bloggers,

    It was a funny and silly game. It helped me with different graphs and data in different ways.

    From NK

  6. C.P. says:

    Dear people of the world,
    I think the Dick and Dom maths website is very good for young people to learn off. There are different types of graphs like a pie graph and a collum graph.
    From C.P.

  7. KL says:

    Dear readers,
    I played a Maths game called “The legend of Dick and Dom”. It was a funny game because their bodies were so skinny and their faces were really big. I thought the game was sort of easy and some of the question I looked at it really carefully. I hope you liked the game as much as I liked it.
    From KL

  8. ND and CG says:

    Dear fellow bloggers,
    CG and I went onto the maths data game Dick and Dom. We found it stupidly funny and very weird! Dick is so stupid and Dom is so crazy!

    CG and ND

  9. L.R and J.D says:

    Dear World,
    I know you all miss us, but here we are again but instead of a joke. We are going tell you about the online Dick and Dom maths game. We found it quite funny and entertaining.


  10. V.G says:

    I think the legend of Dick And Dom was so funny because their heads were bigger than their bodies! I really enjoyed playing it. It was also challenging.

    Regards V.G

  11. C.P. says:

    Not just you but I also really liked the Dick and Dom maths game. I also found it a little bit challenging. Reply back thanks C.P.

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