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Our Semester 1 Learning Goals


Hello World,

Here is 5EZ, we have set ourselves our very own learning goals. We believe that by setting personal learning goals we can improve our learning and achievement. Such goals are about becoming active participants in the learning process, empowering us to become independent learners, and motivating ourselves to achieve our full potential.

By setting our set own learning goals we have more confidence to take on more challenging tasks. Our motivation to improve and master a task is improved. When we explore into our own thinking and learning processes, we can think about the effectiveness of the strategies and steps we have taken to to achieve the learning goals set.  We can do this by planning what to do, monitoring our progress and evaluating the outcome. This helps us to take more control over our thinking and learning.

Below each 5EZ student has made a commitment to their learning by setting personal learning goals. Please read them and follow us on our journey to success.

Perhaps you might like to share your personal learning goals.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Anonymous says:


    In the more recent study English, in English schools must use English to communicate. In the case of English-speaking students are learning English may be easier.

    This was written from MH an EAL student recently here from China.

    • T.K says:

      Dear MH,
      I know it is difficult to migrate into a country that’s language you can’t even speak!So far you have been doing a good job on trying to speak and improve your english. Keep up the good work and in no time you can speak english fluently.
      Have a good holiday.

      • 5ez2013 says:

        Thank you TK for your support, it is nice to see the students of 5EZ supporting each other. I know MH will be speaking English fluently very soon. MH has made so much progress already this term. Well done MH, proud teacher here.

        Mrs. Z

        • TK says:

          Dear Mrs.Z,
          Thank you for your wonderful comment. I love to support all my class mates and more so MH because she is still learning how we, Australians’ learn and she is gradually changing the way she learns.

  2. CQ says:

    Hello readers, my name is CQ as initials,
    I will be expressing myself with this year’s term 1 learning goals. My personal goal is mental maths. The way I will improve and achieve this, I will think clearly and go through step by step. I would personally push myself very hard and take on all challengers. This will be my best achievement and I will absolutely do my best.

  3. CP says:

    Hello I am CP and my learning goal is: I want to improve on my spelling. To achieve my goal I will practice my spelling activities Sunday, Saturday or Friday. Evidence that I will achieve my goal will be in my spelling tests I did. My reminder is to make a note for myself. Thanks for reading.

    • CQ says:

      Dear CP,
      I hope you really try your hardest and I already believe that you’re a superb speller just the way you are

  4. N.D says:

    Hi my name is ND,
    I would like to share my learning goals with the world.
    I would like to get faster at my number knowledge. To achieve this I will listen more intently in class. When I have achieved my goal Mrs Zervos will realise.

    Regards N.D

    P.S Do you have a learning goal for this term?

    • T.K says:

      ND I think that your term 1 goals are really good. Good luck in achieving your goals. If you need any tips for your number knowledge then you can always come to me!

  5. ND says:

    Hi I’m HR
    This is for you, no not for you at the computer, what no that came out wrong. Ok this for you to read, not to take this is my blog, blog entry I don’t own the blog my teacher does. The reason I am writing this is to tell you that I want to improve all of my timetables. I will do this by practicing at home and school. So that’s it Amigos and I’m not Mexician.

    Cheers HR

  6. CG says:

    Dear world,
    I am C.G I am going to tell you my learning goal. My learning goal is to make my story writing more descriptive by using a variety of hooks in my orientation. To achieve my goal I will be looking at the posters around my classroom. To tell that I have achieved my goal I will give my stories to my teacher to read and she can tell me her opinion. So this is my learning goal please tell me what’s yours?
    By C.G.

    • T.K says:

      Hi CG,
      Your term 1 goal is one of the most hardest goals to achieve. Writing is a very complicated subject but the more you read the better your knowledge will be. If you are looking for a book then the one I suggest for you is ‘The Flip Flop Club’ by Ellen Richrdson. It is very discriptive and it will help you with your writing. Good luck!

      • 5ez2013 says:

        Hi CG and TK,

        I agree here, writing can be something that we can always work on. Reading definitely helps us to do this. The more books we read the greater our knowledge of language, author’s voice and structure grows.

        Good luck!

        Mrs. Z

        • TK says:

          Dear Mrs.Z,
          I think every one can work on. Hopefully by week 6 of term 2 5EZ will feel more comfortable in writing all texts.

        • TD says:

          Mrs. Z.
          Do you recomened any books for me to read because I am having trouble sticking to one book because I already know what is going to happen next.
          If you recomened some for me please reply.


          • 5ez2013 says:

            Hi TD,

            What type of books do you like? It will help to make suggestions but here some for now;
            The Rowan of Rin Series (I loved this when I was in primary school)
            Tomorrow, When the War Began and the Tomorrow Series
            The Borrowers
            Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, this is a series too

            Hope that helps and happy reading.
            Mrs. Z

  7. TK says:

    Dear all earthlings,
    I am TK (as initials) and my learning goal is to be able to divide numbers up to the millions with decimals.To achieve my goal I will try and make the numbers i divide bigger every time I practise.The evidence that shows me I have achieved my goal is by seeing how fast i do every time as well as my accuracy.
    I wonder if you have a similar goal to me.

  8. JT says:

    Dear Everyone,
    Hi guys! I’m JT and I would love to share my goals with the world. For my term goals I would like to improve on my division algorithms. I’ll try to practise them by:
    1) Practise division equations and use a stopwatch to time myself, and see if I get faster at the equations.
    2) I could remember the concept of doing it, so I won’t do the wrong thing straight away.
    Thanks for taking your time to listen, and I hope you could answer back!
    JT 🙂

    • TK says:

      Dear JT,
      Doing division algorithms are quite tricky when you start but after you keep doing it over and over again you will get better and better. My weakness USED TO BE division algorithms but right now division algorithms are much easier than before!

  9. YQ says:


  10. IW says:

    Dear world,
    Hi! My name in initials is IW. I want to tell you how excited I am to share my Term 1 learning goal. It is to be able to describe my emotions and ideas as well as I can in the complications of the narratives I write. To achieve my goal I will try to learn more adjectives and adverbs to make my writing unique and interesting. I will know that I have achieved my goal when I start writing often and recognise my improvement. Thanks for giving your time to read and goodbye! (Well, not really)

    • TK says:

      Dear IW,
      As you have written your complications of narratives are very well written. The way to be able to share your emotions and ideas is to jot them down first and pick out the best ones. This way you are able to share your emotions and ideas without having to speak with any body.
      Good Luck!

  11. J.D says:

    Hi my name is J.D and this is my learning goals which are: to get beater at my speed test by at least ten seconds. To achieve my goal I will practise table scrams 3 times a week. Evidence that I have achieved my goal is that I will do the speed test again and I will remind myself to tell my mum to tell me.

  12. K.L says:

    Dear Humans,
    Hi, I’m K.L. I am going to share you my short team goal with everyone. I would like to practise my spelling so I can get better score in test like the South Australia Spelling Test. I will do this by;
    Reading lots of books with hard words
    Practise my spelling words over and over again
    I will know when I have passed this goal when I get higher points in spelling.
    Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to reading your posts too.
    From K.L

  13. H.G says:

    Hello world,
    My goal is to get faster at my times tables (6 to 9) and I will accomplish this by listening to times table CD’s and having my parents test me. Evidence that I have completed my goal will be that I will time myself and once I get 10 seconds faster I will know.
    Regards H.G

  14. TK says:

    Dear all earthlings,
    I am T.K and my learning goal is to divide numbers up to the millions with decimals. To achieve my goal I will try and make the numbers I divide bigger every time I practise. The evidence that shows me that I have achieved my goal is my speed and accuracy every time I practise.
    I wonder if you have a similar goal.

  15. 5ez2013 says:

    Dear 5EZ students,

    I am really impressed with all of your goals you have set for the short term. I wish you all the very best in achieving them and please do not forget to ask for help from myself or your parents.

    Mrs. Zervos 🙂

  16. V.G says:

    Dear Mrs Zervos,
    My term 1 learning goal is to make my story writing better. I will do this by listening to Mrs Zervos and trying harder. I will also read more stories and read for longer in take home reading.

    Regards V.G

  17. N.D says:

    Dear 5EZ,
    These are my semester 2 learning goals:
    . To get better at my handwriting. To acheive this, I will practise extra hard trying to make my joins perfect.

    . To learn all of my timetables. To acheive this I will practise during maths time.

    Regards N.D

  18. M.K says:

    Semester 2 goals
    Hello followers, Today I’ll tell you my goal for this semester. I would like to read different genres of books. I will start when I finish my current book.

  19. LR says:

    This semester I would like to improve on my handwriting so I can have the best handwritting in my class.

  20. N.K says:

    Semester 2 Goals
    Hi bloggers it is N.K
    This semester I want to get a better score in languages tests than what I got in last semester.

  21. HC says:

    Hi Everyone
    During my stay, I would like to:
    learn more English, and read more books.
    I want to learn more English by listening to the teacher during class.
    I want to read more books during my spare time.

  22. V.G says:

    Dear 5EZ,
    My goal is to get a B or an A for reading in the Semester 2 report. I will do this by reading more often and not miss any words when I read aloud.
    From VG

  23. C.P. says:

    Semester 2 Learning Goals
    My goal for this is to improve on my public speaking. Normally I am really nervous and I start shaking. I look around the room and see everybody staring at me.

    From C.P.

  24. yq says:

    Over the duration of semester 2, I wish to improve my public speaking skills and speaking more confidently in our philosophy discussions. I want to spend time to perfect it

  25. H says:

    My goal for this semester is to improve on my group work because I work better in group work. This can be acheived by working in groups more often. My maths in general could be improved and can be accomplished by practising at home.

  26. JT says:

    Dear Cool People (like me),
    My goals for Semester 2 are:
    .To get better and quicker at random maths equations, using all four symbols.(+, – , division, x)
    .To understand bigger words in books.
    – Jenn

  27. J D says:

    My goals for this semester is getting better at touch typing by practising at home and in learning centers and in maths while on the computer.

  28. N.K says:

    This semester I would like to work on my listening and to focus, so I understand better in my learning.

  29. v.g says:

    My learning goal is to get an A or a B in reading for the semester 2 report. I will do this by reading more often and not making mistakes when I read aloud.

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