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Philosophy in 5EZ


Dear Readers,

This year we started our philosophy sessions discussing the BIG IDEA of Philosophy; Thinking together and the community of inquiry. Our first session was a warm up where we discussed the ideas of ‘thinking about thinking and philosophy at Serpell. From here we moved onto the list of ‘thinking together’ ideas and why they are important.

During our next session, we discussed the four values from the nine Serpell values, Care and Compassion, Responsibility, Integrity and Freedom. We brainstormed many ideas and examples, which you can see below in one of our brainstorming popplets.

Then as a class we pondered the idea of ‘what does it mean to consider the feelings of others.’ Using the traffic light activity we ranked a variety of scenarios that were about being considerate.

Overall, 5EZ thoroughly enjoyed this sequence of discussion, which was evident in their listening as well as their sharing of their own ideas. We look forward to going deeper into our next sequence, which is looking at our identity and the identity of others.

Happy reading,

Philosophy   Classroom CommunitiesPhilosophy   classroom comms

Dear readers,

The second half of this term we are looking into our identities, the identities of others and building our global perspectives. Our first session, we read the story Refugees by David Miller. This was a picture story book about two ducks that were displaced and went on a journey to find a new home. The students made connections to the real world and other multi-modal texts that had previously experienced.

We had many in depth conversations, especially during our second session. Here the students of 5EZ pondered the idea of the emotions attached to people that move to new places. We broke the idea down to fit into our own lives as well. This especially helped the children that had not moved from one country to another. Such as starting a new school. Feeling alone, possibly confused and shy. The fear of the unknown.

Have you experienced moving from your home to a new country? We would love to hear about your story.

For more information about our thinking check out our popplets below.

Thank you,

Mrs Zervos and the class of 5EZ


  1. J.D says:

    Hi world,

    In class we have been doing philosophy and I think it is really fun and I recommend it for other schools. We get to play a little game at the start called The Sun Shines On, and we think about topics with the person that we are sitting next to. We also encourage everyone to have a go at answering questions given.

    Regards J.D

    • 5ez2013 says:

      Thank you for your comment JD. I think it is great that we study Philosophy here at Serpell. It definitely provides the opportunity for us to think about serious and worldly topics as well being able to voice our thoughts and opinions in a supportive environment.

      Keep up the great learning and of course thinking JD.


      Mrs. Z

      • TK says:

        Dear JD and Mrs.Z,
        I agree, Philosophy is a great experience for children. I think it gets us to express our thoughts and ideas. We S.P.S students should be proud that our school provides us with many different learning styles.

  2. JT & IW says:

    Dear peeps,
    This year is such a different year for us. In philosophy, we have been thinking about deeper and more complicated topics. It is a very new experience but with similarities that help us build on each of our ideas. It helps us focus and find those ideas we would never have thought of before. In 5EZ, everybody wants to contribute ideas and we are thinking harder about little details, to join all the ideas together for a great summary. Sometimes we form a ladder of high and low modality words and statements which is a good way to hear other students opinions. Thanks for reading our post and we hope you have a great time in philosophy!
    From, JT & IW :(

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