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Science Inquiry Term 2


Dear 5EZ students and parents,

This term we have been exploring the three states of matter, liquid, solid and gases.

The students have also done a fabulous job on their Science Talent Search projects. Here they have written their own reflections on the projects for us to read.

Happy reading!


  1. N.D says:

    Dear World,
    Everyone in grade 5 have worked exceptionally well on there science talent search projects. Everyone did something different. Some people did a working model, while others did a scientific wallchart or a picture storybook. V.G’s scientific wallchart was amazing with so much infomation on it. Everyone was amazed at how much effort she put to it! I did a picture storybook on the topic “Everyone is a farmer”. I feel I did well but could have included more infomation in my story, since I spent just over an hour searching the internet trying to find more infomation. I learnt alot listening through all of the different presentations about different topics, but most importantly I learnt alot from my own project.

    Regards N.D

  2. T.D says:

    Dear World,
    I have presened my science talent search. I did a poster about Where Have All The Bees Gone? I thought I did really in the presentation of the poster. I also memorised my speech and Mrs Z. was very happy with me but I had 32 <>. Mrs Z. said I had so many umms was because I was thinking about what I learnt when I was doing my reasearch.

    How do you think you went?

  3. M.K says:

    Dear followers,
    I’m M.K. Today, I’ll be telling you about my Science Talent Search. This year, I did a poster titled “Where Have All The Bees Gone”.
    I feel that my presentation went well. The thing I did well in was that I got the audience involved. The thing I need to improve on is to be more prepared with my speech.

    I learnt that…
    Bees are not pests but they are pollinators.
    Bees pollinate 80% of everything we eat.
    Bees are dying because of CCD.

    I leant from H.R that insects are food.
    I learnt from H.G that scientists can replicate foods into tablets.
    I learnt from Y.Q that insects are a rich diet.

  4. C.G says:

    Hello world,
    I am C.G, today I am going to talk to you about the science talent search. For the science talent search, I did a picture story book about Eating Our Way To The Future. I got more knowledge from all these facts from the internet and also by listening to fellow classmates. One of my favourite STS projects was by N.D she did a picture story book about if everyone is a farmer. I enjoyed it and I hope Mrs. Z enjoyed it too.

    Regards C.G

  5. YQ says:

    Dear world,
    For my science talent search topic I did Science feeding the world, insects are food. The format of my presentation was a scientific poster. I felt very nervous at the start and my legs were like jelly, but towards the end I felt much more confident. I learnt that insects are a very popular food around the world, how much different insects are all around the world and how nutritious insects are. I learnt from MK that since WW2 people used fertilisers to protect and grow their plants, I learnt from HY that there is lots of food in the sea, and I learnt from HG that how Quickly and efficiently food can be replicated into a tablet with the same nutrition level. Overall I think the Science Talent Search projects had very good information.:):)

  6. JT says:

    Dear everyone (even aliens),
    Recently, our school has had a project called Science Talent Search. Everyone looked forward to doing this project, and all the creations turned out VERY well. I did a creative writing storybook and the topic was ‘who would have thought that’… I enjoyed making it and learnt lots of stuff about insects and how it can replace our meats. Science has been feeding our world and 5EZ discovered many things we haven’t realised before. Though, I found it pretty difficult finding good websites, and presenting my storybook. Did you know insects have as much protein as ordinary meat? I didn’t know that before! The presentations from 5EZ made all of us want to find out some more. I learnt many facts such as bees have died because of the things humans use called pesticides. I hope you found out some stuff too and thanks for reading 🙂 

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